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About Vicha

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Vicha Ratanapakee was born in Thailand in 1936 before immigrating to the United States. One of eight children, Ratanapakdee was remembered by his brother as always being very studious and grew up curious about the world outside his family’s farm in Thailand. Prior to coming to America, Vicha was an auditor at a large financial institution in Thailand. Vicha loved tennis, golf, music and travel the world.

Vicha and his wife came to San Francisco to live with his daughter Monthanus Ratanapakdee and son-in-law Eric Lawson, to help taking care of their grandchildren. Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84 years old man, had recently undergone heart surgery, and bad eyesight. After his recent surgery, Vicha was happy to take care of his grandchildren and go on his hour-long daily walks around the Anza Vista Neighborhood.

On January 28th, 2021, Vicha was on one of his daily walks in the Anza Vista neighborhood when he was attacked by a male teenager. He was found on the ground by the neighbor who called the health care professionals and promptly brought to San Francisco General Hospital. Vicha never regained consciousness and died from a brain hemorrhage two days later.

Please let Vicha's tragic passing inspire the Asian community and its allies to come together.

Vicha's passing shows that Anti-Asian racism is deadly. Anti-Asian racism and Anti-Asian hate have become a very serious danger to all Asians, particularly in San Francisco. It's time the authorities took serious action to combat it. Please consider volunteering to help recall the SF District Attorney who refused to charge this as

a hate crime. Asians should not have to live in fear because of what they look like. Asians should not have to live in fear that they will be killed when walking on the street. Asians should not have to live in fear that their loved ones will not return home. #StopAsianHate

Please join us on our path to Justice For Vicha, and safety and healing for the Asian community.

From the Ratanapakdee family and Vicha's daughter Monthanus:

There are no words to describe how our family feels about this overwhelming loss. Our father, Vicha, went out for his morning walk after his daily routine of preparing his young grandsons for their day and he never coming back to our family ever again. We are so sad that when Vicha died, we could not even confirm whether he was known that his family was with him when the time came.

It is painful for our young sons to lose their beloved grandfather, who was such an important part of their daily life. Vicha's death was so senseless. Facing this terrible loss and how this happened, will be forever now in the minds and eyes of our children. A legacy in memory of their grandfather gives our young sons a way to honor their grandfather; a legacy so much greater than the way Vicha died.

We are so very thankful to the medical doctors at SF General hospital who tried to save Vicha's life, and to the San Francisco Police officers who have tried to help us in this unimaginably painful time, and in their work to catch the man who did this. We also thank everyone who is outpouring their support of our family, our family is forever grateful.

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