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Justice For Vicha Ratanapakdee Foundation

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Vicha Ratanapakdee's

New Stairway Project

Located in San Francisco, the Vicha's Mural Memorial stands as a powerful and poignant tribute to the life and legacy of Vicha Ratanapakdee. Crafted with artistic precision and attention to detail, this memorial serves as a visual representation of remembrance, compassion, and the collective call for justice. Adorning a prominent area, the mural not only commemorates Vicha but also serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by marginalized communities. It acts as a catalyst for dialogue, reflection, and action, urging society to address the pervasive issues of violence and discrimination that persist within our midst.

The mosaic artist conceived of staircase is a tribute to Grandpa Vicha, using symbols and patterns to depict his life journey across three segments:


1. Origin & Heritage: The lower stairs feature a mermaid and mouse above ocean waves, echoing Songkhla, Thailand – Uncle Vicha's birthplace. This segment pays homage to his roots and local legends.


2. Journey & Struggle: The middle part illustrates the oceanic theme transitioning into Buddhist symbolism, including the iconic wheel and golden fish. It encapsulates Uncle Vicha's challenges and joys in the U.S., intertwined with Buddhist principles of community and teachings.


3. Legacy & Resilience: The upper stairs are adorned with lotus flowers, representing resilience and growth. Lady justice's scale is a nod to Vicha's enduring legacy and the family's fight against discrimination.

On the one-year anniversary of renaming “Sonora Lane” to “Vicha Ratanapakdee Way” in Anza Vista, I’m thrilled to join the Ratanapakdee family to announce a special project: a stunning mosaic stairway installation to transform Vicha Ratanapakdee Way!



Since Mr. Vicha Ratanapakdee‘s passing, Monthanus Ratanapakdee (his daughter) has amplified the voices and contributed her time to fight not only for the Thai community but for all Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities and Southeast Asians, by raising awareness to stop hate against Asians and to ensure that what happened to her father will not happen to other community members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, physical and verbal attacks on AAPI and Asian elders have risen significantly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation. Mr. Ratanapakdee’s case was the turning point for many Asian Americans in San Francisco. People who saw the video clip of the senseless violence inflicted on Mr. Ratanapakdee as he was shoved to the ground during his routine morning walk were horrified, saddened, and are no longer able to keep quiet. We are asking for justice. Mr. Vicha Ratanapakdee has become a critical icon in the movement that first began to gain traction after the killing of Vicha Ratnatanapkdee. His death sparked the #StopAsianHate Monthanus and Eric have attended marches and rallies to increase awareness and stop the attacks on AAPIs. They participated in many events to Stop Asian Hate, spoke publicly, and built solidarity to keep the AAPI community safe. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that survivors and the families of those victims are supported through SF city services, law enforcement, and the justice system. They both worked closely with the San Francisco Mayor’s Office to have a mural painted to commemorate her father in Chinatown as a historical marker that reminds future generations to Stand for Asians, Stop Asian Hate, and Stand With Asian Americans. They also requested to rename Sonora Lane (located at the intersection of 2300 O’Farrell and Lyon, currently a staircase with no residential addresses) to “Vicha Ratanapakdee Way”. Renaming this street will signify that the City and County of San Francisco values the contributions of Asian Americans, debunks the American perception of Asian Americans as “others,” and believes all SF residents are equal regardless of race. This street will be the landmark for Vicha Ratanapakdee's last walk in the Anza Vista neighborhood. The AAPI community in the Bay Area and nationally is not small. AAPIs contribute significantly to the social and economic prosperity of the nation, and AAPIs loyally and dutifully serve the communities they live in. The AAPI community must unite as one to have a stronger impact in our fight for our rights which have been suppressed, unseen, or ignored. We will not be silenced.

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